Green and white modern apartment buildingGreen and white modern apartment building


Our team represents decades of experience across real estate investment and operations.

Executive Team

  • Jacob Wechsler

    Head of Investments

  • Yehuda Ebstein

    Director of Operations

  • Leah Pentelnik

    Director of Finance

  • Shlomo Yablonsky

    Director of Asset Management

  • Jonathan Ross

    Senior Director of Accounting

Finance Team

  • Eliyahu Friedman

    Accounting Senior Manager

  • Michael Silber 

    Accounting Senior Associate

  • Rivky Klein

    Accounting Senior Associate

  • Bayla Wechsler

    Ops Accounting Analyst

  • Eitan Rolnick

    Finance Analyst

  • Chaim Katz

    Procurement Manager

  • Eliyahu Newhouse

    Procurement Analyst

Operations Team

  • Akiva Beyman

    Asset Manager

  • Sholom Lipschitz

    Asset Manager

  • Yoel Goldberg

    Asset Manager

  • Sarah Steinhardt

    Strategic Operations

  • Simcha Pentelnik

    Operations Manager

  • Tamar Wechsler

    Operations Analyst

  • Efrat Hagler

    Executive Assistant

  • Ariella Hagler

    HR Specialist

  • Rachel Bree

    HR Coordinator

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